Pre-Anesthesia Blood Work

Pre-anesthesia blood work is a convenient way to check your pet's overall health before a surgery. Hemlock offers different analysis options to suit the individual needs of our patients. The options are listed below.

Laboratory Blood Panel - This is a comprehensive blood panel done by our laboratory. This includes a full chemistry screening and comprehensive CBC. We recommend doing urinalysis as well, when possible, to check on the pet's kidney and bladder health. This panel must be done at least 24 hours before the procedure to allow time for the laboratory to process and return the results.

Chemistry 10 Screening - This is an in-house blood test that can be done on the same day as your pet's procedure. It does not include the comprehensive CBC and we cannot do urinalysis in house with this screening, but it will check the overall kidney and liver health, including the BUN/PCV/TP perimeters.

BUN/PCV/TP - This is our most basic and affordable in-house blood test. It tests the blood urea nitrogen (BUN), which is a very simple indicator of basic kidney function, the packed cell volume (PCV or Hematocrit) which identifies hydration level and helps us to calculate IV fluid rate during the surgery, and total protein (TP), which shows us hydration level and a very basic indicator of liver and kidney health. Think of this test as a "yes or no" answer: Is your dog healthy? "yes or no," whereas the other tests can help us to know why the pet is healthy or not.

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