Digital x-rays

X-Rays are an essential tool that a vet will use for diagnostics. It’s a painless method that will provide significant information regarding bones, gastrointestinal tracts, respiratory tracts, heart, genitourinary system. 

The patient must be completely still during this exam. Some pets will need sedation or short general anesthesia

radiology Hemlock Animal Hospital is proud to provide digital radiography to our clients for our patients. Our sophisticated digital x-ray equipment produces clear, detailed images that allow us to make a more rapid and accurate diagnosis. Because digital x-ray images can be saved on a computer, they can be transmitted quickly by email to outside specialist if a referral or second opinion is required.

The images can also be saved to a disc and given to you. Digital x-rays are easier and faster to process than tradition film x-rays, resulting in less time on the x-ray table, and fewer pictures to be taken to achieve a perfect result. This means less stress for your pet, making their experience here much more pleasant. The harsh chemicals once necessary for developing x-rays are not needed for digital x-rays, reducing potential harm to our staff and environment.

Consultation with a board-certified radiologist is available for difficult cases, resulting in more accurate, complete diagnosis for your pet.

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