Our Services Include:


House Call Services
Dog Vaccinations
Cat Vaccinations
Ear Infections
Skin allergies
House Call Euthanasia
Dog spaying
Dog neutering
Cat spay
Cat neutering
Dog dental cleaning
Cat dental cleaning
Pet Dental Extractions Rabbit spay
Rabbit neutering
Ferret spay
Ferret neutering
Abscess Repair
Wound Repair
Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair
Kitten Adoption
TPLO Fracture repair
Patellar luxation surgery
Hip dysplasia
Anal gland surgery
Cherry eye surgery
Hernia repair
Ear Cleaning & Nail Trimming Growth removal
Lump removal
Tumour removal
Dewclaw removal
Bladder stone removal
Entropion eye surgery
Ear Hematomas

And for any other surgery/treatment not listed above, please call us and we can discuss your options. If we cannot perform the procedure, we know specialists who can do so in our clinic.

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